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M28 Investigates is a non-profit organization / Newsroom set up by Rwanda’s finest Investigative journalists. We support Investigative Journalism in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our programs “Trainings and Capacity Building, Collaborative Reporting, Learning Lab, Advocacy and Research” are designed to support and equip Students, Journalists and Newsrooms in the region with the tools, resources and skills needed to practice investigative journalism in defense of the public interest and also expose abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust by government, business, and other institutions, using the  moral force of investigative journalism to spur reform through the sustained spotlighting of wrongdoing. You have a role to play in this fight. Your support and joining forces with M28 Investigate is a direct contribution to our research and work in general, with your support, we will continue to publish groundbreaking investigation in the sub-Saharan Africa and uncover wrongdoing, also we will be able to train and build a new generation of investigative reporters. Our approach is holistic, fearless, and relentless. Our editorial policy is simply “The Truth”.

Our Vision:

To be a Center of excellence for investigative journalism in Sub-Saharan Africa and more informed region where democracies are not threatened by crimes.

Our Mission

Growing and Strengthening investigative journalism in Sub Saharan Africa , to promote good governance and entrench democratic values by reporting, exposing and combating corruption so the public can hold the power to account

Our Partners:

Your Donation to M28 Investigates is a Direct Contribution To our Research. With Your Support, We will continue to publish groundbreaking investigations and uncover wrongdoing in the sub saharan africa


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