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The Rwanda Classified Project

Kigali Secret War Investigation

It is an investigation that earned Rwandan journalist Samuel Baker exile. Together with him and 17 other international media, we continued, as part of the #RwandaClassified project, his investigation into Kigali’s secret war in #RDC.

“In Rwanda, if a journalist wants to tell the truth, he must expect a return of flame.” according to Samuel. Because if he managed to flee the country, his colleague John Williams Ntwali, who worked with him, died in troubling circumstances.

In November 2022, the two journalists travel to #Goma in the #Kivu region, coveted by the Rwandan authorities for political reasons and the resources found there. Rwandan soldiers lose their lives in a war that does not officially exist for their country. Out of 13 cases of soldiers recorded in public sources, we can now confirm that a majority of them have indeed died.

As evidence of Rwanda’s presence in eastern #Congo builds up, the country curiously escapes any sanctions of scale. At the heart of this system are the over 6,000 Rwandan Blue Helmets, which make it the third largest contributor to UN peacekeeping missions. A strategic force, enabling #Rwanda to avoid international sanctions related to its troop presence in #RDC.

Video by Forbidden Stories.

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